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Archaeological stratification and archival provenance stress the original time sequences of records. It is detailed cross referencing that reveals the narrative of interpersonal relationships - genealogical, religious, business and social. Detailed examination of one person’s records can reveal otherwise hidden details of another person’s existence or way of life.

‘Relative’ considers some of the complex relationships within one branch of the Lemaistre family. Different viewpoints offer altered perceptions of the overlapping existences of family members.
Members of the family whose remains had been identified are represented by lengths of Identity Specific lace. Other relatives were known to be interred in the family vault but remained unidentified. Impressions of lace in thin black cotton fabric have been used to indicate the shadows of the missing family members. These impressions can be quite indistinct and the overall feeling is of hidden memories that can’t quite be read.

The lengths hang from a 1 meter square archaeological drawing frame, similar to those that were used to plot the remains in the vault, with males on one plane and females at right angles to them.

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Gail Baxter, Contemporary Lace, Relative


Gail Baxter, Contemporary Lace, Relative detail

Relative - lifeline detail