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Records and Memories

Gail has based her research on the archaeological records and artefacts from the excavations of the burial vaults at Christ Church, Spitalfields, which were in use from 1729 to 1852.  Examination of the archaeological context codes led Gail to use the identity codes of the interred to direct her contemporary lacemaking practice.

The, sometimes partial, human remains were proof of the existence of the interred but it was the details in the parish records and censuses that gave ‘life’ to these forgotten people. Gail has embarked on a series of works examining the way in which records, memories and artefacts can be used to continue a person’s existence after their death.

‘Records and Memories’ shows the coded lace at various stages of deconstruction, questioning the point at which a record ceases to be decipherable and at what point, if any, a person ceases to exist.

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Gail Baxter - Records and Memories