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Reading Shadows

Gail Baxter, Contemporary lace, Reading Shadows James Hockey Gallery

Reading Shadows developed from Arkheion. The initial structure is created in the same way but additional layers of information are then added.

The first additional layer is written information, with different users interests being recorded on different sides of the cube. At this stage it depends upon the physical position of the audience, and hence their 'point of view', as to which information is visible.

Additional layers of grids and paper fibres are then added to certain areas reflecting the additions that are made to archives through the application of specialist knowledge, these layers add to the richness of the content and apparent density of the archive.

One of the effects of these additional layers is that some of the previously visible surfaces/information can become obscured - they are still there but they become hidden beneath other information which has been given higher priority as is often the case with museum archives.

Reading Shadows invites the audience to consider how the visibility of voids and text in the work subtly changes according to their physical position in relation to it, and how this affects their reading of the object.

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Gail Baxter, Contemporary lace, Reading Shadows

Gail Baxter, Contemporary lace, Reading Shadows