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Connecting the Lacunae

Re-Viewing Lace in Archives: Connecting the Lacunae

Gail's research considers the way in which lacunae in museum archives can challenge conventional readings of lace in museums. She is investigating the relationship between the lacunae in the archive and the established reading of the archive as the solid foundations of historical accuracy.

Contemporary and traditional lace practice are inextricably linked with lacunae – voids, gaps, absences – it is the lacunae that give lace its distinctive identity. The traditional lacemakers’ skill lies in effectively drawing together, and interlinking, many individual threads to form a coherent whole around the voids that are the essence of the fabric. Gail is applying these skills to the archives of her Case Studies; drawing together hints and clues from the archives and adding information from specialist sources to give form to the voids and so facilitate new readings of the archives. The research is also informing her practice and stimulating new work in a variety of mediums.

Dissemination of the research will situate new studies of specialist archives in the public arena and encourage public engagement with the reinterpretation of the past.


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